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First Lady Charlotte L. Shelby

Charlotte Shelby has been saved for 48 years, and has served alongside her husband, Bishop Michael Shelby.  In 1980, adhering to the call on her husband’s life, she packed up their 3 children and moved with him to Muncie, Indiana where she was the First Lady of Greater Grace Apostolic Church. There she made many sacrifices for the sake of ministry, giving up a brand new home in Indianapolis, Indiana, and later supporting her husband’s God-given decision to go full-time ministry.  Due to the move she transferred her job taking a lower position with the Social Security Administration.


With this in mind, in 1990 a new assignment had arisen and she packed her bags and moved with her husband to Albuquerque, NM to become the First Lady of God’s House Church. Here she has impacted the church, through the ministry of teaching where she is the co-author along with Bishop Shelby of the book entitled “New Life” a book that was inspired from her 23 years of teaching the New Life class.  Not only is she a gifted teacher, but she is over the Women’s Ministry where she encourages, mentors, motivates, and inspire women by hosting retreats, seminars, prayer breakfasts and many other inspirational events for the women of God’s House Church.


First Lady Shelby, is continually sought after on many venues, as she continue to speak with women and men throughout the country with her husband, hosting marriage and family seminars, which in turn has enriched the lives of those who have attended.  Her strong leadership is displayed as she continues to speak and encourage Minister’s Wives and help them navigate through the call of being a pastor’s wife. Although a quiet and meek woman of God, she has appeared on and hosted the Trinity Broadcast Network on numerous occasions.


She has shown herself to be faithful, dedicated and totally committed not only to the Lord, but to her husband of fifty two (52) years, Bishop Michael Shelby.  Although she has accomplished many things, she is most proud of raising their 3 children Damon, Darin and Delisa and 7 grandchildren. First Lady Shelby is happy to have her mother with her in Albuquerque, where she also provides love, care and being a faithful daughter. She believes there is nothing more important in life than pleasing the Father by being an excellent wife, mother and daughter. 

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