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Bishop Michael L. Shelby

Bishop Michael L. Shelby is a man full of the Holy Spirit, faith and wisdom.  He has a heart that reaches beyond barriers of race, color, creed or religion.  Bishop Shelby has been a faithful servant of the Lord since 1966.  In 1979, he assumed his first pastorate at Greater Grace Apostolic Church in Muncie, Indiana for 11 years.  In April 1990, the Lord moved Bishop Shelby to Albuquerque, New Mexico to be the pastor of God’s House Church, where he is currently celebrating 25 years of faithful service.


​​Recognize for his hard work, faith and commitment to the gospel, Aenon Bible College awarded Bishop Shelby with an Honorary Doctorate.  Among his many distinguished accomplishments, he is so proud having the love of his life and best friend, First Lady Charlotte Shelby. To this union they have three children Damon, Darin and Delisa and seven grandchildren.


Just a couple of his mottos “do what’s right” and from the words of his Pastor the late Bishop Morris Golder “If you are going to error, error on the side of mercy”.

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